IKP 2021 UNGARN – 30.09 2.10.21

Német Vizsla Klub Magyarország has been authorized by the Deutsch Kurzhaar Verband to organise the event „IKP 2021 UNGARN” (International Field and Water test for German Shorthaired Pointers) between 30. September – 02. October 2021, in frames of the World Hunting Expo, instead of 30. IKP that was cancelled due to the pandemic situation.

The test will be conducted according to the IKP test regulations, and the results will be recognized as a passed IKP with a corresponding prize.

The result will be entered on the pedigree of the dogs in form of a “IKP 2021 Ungarn – bestanden mit ….. Punkte” stamp.

The results of the Hungarian field and water test are recognized by the DK Verband and the results of dogs registered in the German studbook would be entered in the Ostermannschen Statistik in the DKV studbook.I kindly invite you to our event and would like to ask you that despite of the uncertain pandemic situation please let us know how many dogs and judges can we welcome from your country.   Best regards,   Attila Babiczky President Német Vizsla Klub Magyarország